Low Doc Home Loans:

Our Low Doc Loans make your life easy, helping you reach your goals sooner. For Bad credit or Good Credit clients, we have the products that you have been looking for.

The finance group is offering low doc home loans for bad credit and clean credit applicants through banks, non bank funds and private lenders. We offer up to 90% LVR low doc home loans. We also offer True low doc home loans only with accountant letter to substantiate declared income. That's right, No BAS or No Trading statements with some of our products. Arrears, defaults, court actions are OK also.
Low doc home loans are home loan or investment loan options for self-employed applicants. When one of the applicants is self-employed and does not have 2 or 3 years of tax returns available the loan needs to be assessed on a low documentation basis (Self declared and accountant declared Income).
The Finance Group have achieved 100%* approval on low doc mortgages that we pass the pre-assessment process and lodge with the funds during the past 6 years and we are proudly helping clients all over Australia to have their Low doc home loans approved. We are the saviours of self employed clients who just want a fair go and simplicity.

We offer low doc home loans through all traditional banks, Non bank lenders and private lenders in Australia. We accept defaults, arrears and ex bankrupt clients for low doc home loans.

Click here to submit an online enquiry for low doc home loans or call 1800 88 LOAN to speak direct to a credit advisor. We are available from 7am to 10pm, 7 days per week to ensure we are available to service self employed clients during hours convenient to them.

Self-employed applicants choose to select us because:

  • Our Low Doc loans are for both Residential and Commercial Properties or business use.
  • We have a wide range of funders, with enough products to meet any current worthy borrowers needs.
  • We offer up to 90% LVR low doc home loans.
  • No BAS, No LMI, No trading statements low doc home loans are also available.
  • We have access to 34 different banks and more than 10 private lenders to have best solutions.
  • Unlimited cash out, business purpose cash out up to 80%, business debts and tax debt consolidation available. We have set loans with up to $2,500,000 cash out with minimal substantiation. Lower loan amounts with No substantiation required and higher cash out loans available when private funding sources are used (up to $5,000,000 cash out).
  • We obtain credit file, valuation report and other relevant searches during the assessment process to minimize the risk of the application getting declined. i.e. We look at what the lender will look at before they look at it. So if we see problems, we will discuss with you first and allow you to explain about what happened, so we can communicate this to lender from the start which then provides a smoother approval and avoids an instant decline due to non-disclosure.
  • We do a complete pre-assessment before we provide an indicative offer, so you can be almost certain the rates and product we quote you are what you will get approved for.
  • Client can make educated decision if the offers we put to them are viable, before they sign the application form.
  • Clients get qualified for their loan through our assessment process prior to going through any formal application to any lender. This keeps your credit file looking tidy as we only need to apply once.
  • *Excludes cases where valuations fell short from clients estimate or client withheld information from broker and we declined to proceed with application due to non-disclosure to us. TIp. Tell us everything and we will put you in the appropriate product. Lies will not get you approved. Honesty and appropriate product solution will get you the money.

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Low Doc Home Loans Income Proof options:

Low Doc Home Loans Accountant Letter :
Low Doc Home Loans Accountant latter

Self-employed applicants who have their ABN registered for minimum of 12 months are eligible to get low doc home loans with accountant declared income. If business is registered for less than 12 months client will have to include another form of proof of income like trading account statement to become eligible for this type of low doc home loans. We wont need any BAS's or trading account statements if business is registered for minimum of 12 months. We consider both clean credit and bad credit applicants for this type of loan. We have lower interest rate offers for clean credit applicants, where bad credit applications are priced depending on degree of credit impairment. We also accept mortgage arrears with reasonable explanation. We are offering up to 85% LVR low doc home loans only with accountant declared income.

If the client has only just commenced in business or not even started (Startups), we can fund startup's using our private funding source where we can lend up to 75% of the lenders valuation and fund the loan in 5 to 15 business days from phoning us. Loans up to $5,000,000 per client.

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Low Doc Home Loans Refinance:
Low Doc Home Loans refinance

Low doc home loans refinance is possible for clean and bad credit applicants up to different LVR depending on wide range of factors, When you consider to have your home loan refinanced on a low doc basis you need to consider following issues to make an informed decision:

  • Is your existing loan a low doc home loan? This might restrict your access to some traditional lenders who are more cost effective. Many major banks won't do low doc to low doc refinance. We do however have several solutions for you in this situation.
  • Have you considered the cost of LMI that might be involved if your loan exceeds 60%-70% LVR and are you eligible to obtain a bank loan. The costs can be high, some of our non bank solutions will proove more cost effective overall where LMI is waived in certain cases.
  • Do you have enough information to demonstrate your servicing to the lender according to your new loan requirements complying with lending guidelines.
  • Do you have reliable valuation estimations of your property and also all associate lending costs to determine if the loan is suitable for you or not.
  • If cash out or debt consolidation is the main goal for refinance you will have to consider more related issues to work out a strategy to ensure you are complying with lending guidelines.
We are experienced in assessing many clients from all over Australia with various profiles. As a result we can make the process easier for the client selecting the most likely lender who will fund the deal with minimal fuss.

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Low Doc Home Loans Cash Out :
Low doc home loans cash out

Cash out with a low doc home loan can become very complex if you do not have clear idea about lending policy and proper strategy to have the amount approved. Different lender offer different amount of cash out depending on the final loan to value ratio and the purpose of obtaining cash out. Depending on degree of credit impairment cash out amount is restricted to certain amounts as well as restricted to certain acceptable purposes. For bank loan cash out policy determined by LMI insurer when the loan is over 60%-70% of property value. Bank offer unlimited amount of cash out up to certain LVR loan, but documentary evidence is required in most cases. The policy vary bank to bank depending on the strength of the application. We offer unlimited amount of cash out up to 85% loan for any worthwhile purpose. For documentary evidence and policy compliance we always help the client to have the best strategy to have maximum amount of cash out to meet their loan requirements. We accept both clean credit and bad credit applicants to apply for cash out with low doc home loans. For low doc home loans most of the self-employed applicants look for cash out for business purpose like working capital, buy new equipments for the business, pay off tax debts. Cash out option can also involve consumer purposes like home renovation, investment, purchase, holiday, wedding with low doc home loans.
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Low Doc Home Loans Debt Consolidation:
Low Doc Home Loans debt consolidation

Low doc home loans with debt consolidation demands clear explanation for all possible benefits of the proposed loan. Client need to have both short term and long term goals and benefits to justify how they will manage their regular expense, how they will become debt free in future. Low doc home loans with debt consolidation allow the client to consolidate both business debts and consumer debts. We offer debts consolidation loans through bank loans, non banks and private loan sources. Depending on credit history and other considerable matters the client can get benefits from debt consolidation. We have provided comprehensive solutions for many clients who were struggling to catch up their monthly commitments.

Some time cost for refinance can become a barrier for the client to make a decision how they will save money and recover the cost in future. We always help the client to make their decision with vast range of product offers and analytical data about their present and future financial situation. As a result client becomes aware of all aspects before they sign up for the new loan. If it is not viable to consolidate the debt (due to costs of refinance) and better to just keep trying to pay off those higher interest rate debts, then we will recommend what will result in the lowest net cost to you.

Sometime getting your loan approved can become a hurdle if you do not have adequate explanation for your financial benefits and goals. Clear understanding of the lending policy can help you to get your loan approved easy with our pre assessment process.

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Low Doc Home Loans Construction :
Low Doc Home Loans construction

We offer low doc construction loans through banks, non banks and private lenders. Low doc construction loan is offered by very limited lenders in mortgage industry. As a result finding the best deal can become time consuming for client. We offer low doc construction loans only with accountant letter through private lending solution. For bank loan or private loans maximum LVR is 80% of the completion value of the property. client need to come up with minimum of 20% deposit to apply for construction loan low doc basis. If you do not have your your financial up to date and you are seeking a low doc home loans option, we prefer please discuss with us your actual situation that we can help you to get higher LVR loan for construction.

Sometimes when you have land you own outright and looking for construction loan to finish the construction, your construction proposal involve some development costs we can get you tailored solutions to meet your loan requirements.

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Low Doc Home Loans Bad Credit :
Low Doc Home Loans bad credit

Bad Credit Low Doc Home loans have become increasingly common with people from all walks of like since the GFC took hold. Many people have had to sell homes and other assetts in order to keep the banks away from their primary assets. The difference for our clients is that we have provided structured solutions to meet their short term funding needs fast (via second mortgage) and then transition into a low doc loanis we have access to a wide area of the industry and therefore we look at the situation from different perspective. We can provide professional advice to client with any degree of default and credit impairment issues and get their loan approved from the right lender without any hassle. If you have unlimited defaults, mortgage and loan arrears history, bankruptcy or existing part 9 agreement, tax debt is at an alarming stage please give us a call or submit an online inquiry on our website to get instant solutions for you. We have ready solutions for you just one step forward.

Having credit impairment issue usually give you limited access to low doc home loans, but when you will be able to make right use of it you will get benefited. We strongly recommend professional advice when you are facing critical situation with your credit impairment problems.

Marriage breakdown, poor financial decision, job loss or joblessness, accident or terminal illness all unfortunate events are part of our life that we can not deny. We need to have proper plan to cope with it to safeguard our existence and lifestyle. If you make another poor financial decision at crisis moment of your life may be it will ruin the chance of your recovery for long.

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If you just want to speak to a qualified credit advisor, call on 1800 88 LOAN (5626) and we can guide you through the process in the most efficient manner.

Note: We recently arranged a low doc loan for a client with approx 20 court actions and over $50K of unpaid defaults using a private loan funds as a 12 month short term loan solution while the clients credit file and court actions were settled. this allowed the client to get on with the business and not go out of business.

Low Doc Home Loans Bank Loans:
Low Doc Home Loans Bank Loans

For low doc home loans we have access to all major banks including 2nd tier lenders. Self-employed applicants need to have their business registered for minimum of 12 months to 24 months to become eligible to get low doc home loans. with a bank that offers up to 60% LVR loans without lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) or 80% LVR using LMI. We also offer up to 70% LVR low doc home loans through Non banks without LMI. Maximum loan available through banks is 80% of the property value. LMI cost for low doc home loans are comparatively higher than a full doc home loan. Bank interest rates for low doc home loans usually involve risk margin (higher rates) and for that reason the rate is always comparatively higher than a full doc home loan.

For a low doc home loans through a bank will generally require the past 12 months BAS's with recent 6 months trading account statements to proof the declared income of the applicant. Basically different banks use different ratios to determine allowable declared income compared to revenue declared on the BAS's of the business. The type of industry you are in will also affect the ratio/% of allowable declarable income Vs business revenue. As a result we assist the client to have their loan approved from the right lender through our detailed understanding of the assessment process.

We help client to select appropriate loan structure according to their overall objectives.

In some cases, we may recommend a non bank Low doc lender where the client has credit impairments or insufficient BAS or trading statements. We then maintain regular contact with clients and when their situation improves, credit impairments are no longer on their file, we transition client to a more cost effective low doc product or into a full doc product where Tax returns and other income documentation is available.

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If you just want to speak to a qualified credit advisor, call on 1800 88 LOAN (5626) and we can guide you through the process in the most efficient manner.