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Credit repair service is one of our specialized service for the clients who are not getting access to any lending options or who will become eligible for better loan options for minimum cost to repair their credit. We only advice client to credit repair if we see it is necessary to get their loan approved and it is giving them opportunity to have a better mortgage loan. We are offering most reasonable cost and payment option to repair your credit.

Things go beyond your control some times, unexpected or unfortunate occurrences can put anyone in deep financial crisis. Everyone works hard to recover their financial incapability to get back on the track. Temporary joblessness, painful separation mismanagement, poor financial decision, accident and illness  can create blemish or adverse records on your credit file. But this is not the end of story. Client can refresh their credit history and become eligible to get access to all traditional lending companies.

We offer professional assessment and advise for credit repair and credit reform for client with credit impairment issues. It might be frustrating experience to go through the ombudsmen process on your own when you do not have adequate knowledge to deal with right authority in suggested consequences. Our professional advisory will make the whole process more viable to obtain the success.

Clients who are facing measurable experience for their past credit history we are here to help them to find right solution. If you are looking for a personal loan, car loan, home loan or a business loan any record of default, court judgement on your credit file will cost you extra to get a loan and you will have to account that extra cost for the life of the loan or until the default is removing automatically from your credit file. When bad credit history becomes an obstacle to fulfill your present need our credit reform program will help you to resolve your problem just at the time you need.    

Process and cost

Time frame to get your defaults removed usually depend on the type, amount and intensity of the defaults. Our adviser will give a reasonable time frame to assure the success of your application. You will have to provide a recent copy of your credit file to start the assessment process and thereafter your adviser will collect relevant information and documents from you to prepare your case. In general it cost $1300 to remove 1 default from your credit file. For multiple defaults the cost is negotiable. Under our credit reform program you can also get a weekly or monthly installment plan to pay off the total cost.