Low doc home loans

10 Reasons to Choose The Finance Group :

    • We offer Free Assessment
    • We have 99% approval for any type of mortgages..
    • We have access to 34 different banks and more than 10 private lenders to have best solutions.
    • We safe guard best interest of the client from every instances and secure the approval of the loan
    • Weobtain credit file, valuation report and other relevant search during the assessment process to minimize the risk to get application declined.
    • We do complete assessment before we offer written indicative offer within 24 hours from receiving all documents from the client.
    • Client can make educated decision from our comparison offers after assessment
    • Clients get qualified for their loan through our assessment process without going through any formal application to any lender.
    • Wetake full responsibility to have your loan approved from best possible lender and also keep your credit history free from any adverse record.
    • We believe our experience is our asset and confidence for the client.